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8pm $25 in ADV

The Young Dubliners (sometimes shortened to the Young Dubs) is an American rock band
formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988. Their style of music has come to be called Celtic Rock
for the fusion of Irish traditional instruments and music with modern rock.
The Young Dubliners have been on their 2018 US tour. It will include
many festivals and club dates throughout the country. Having just returned from a
month long winter tour of Ireland and Denmark with their new guitarist (Justin Pecot)
they are now putting the final touch on a set to delight audiences.
The band has released eight albums of original material and one Irish song cover
album. This meant that there was a lot of material for Justin to learn. He has
managed to not only learn the material but also to make it his own. The live show is
now as exciting for the band as it is for the audience with a growing chemistry
between the band members that seems to reach new heights at every show.
Writing has also begun for a new album, which the band hopes to start recording at
the end of this year.